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Rhodolite Garnet Briolette Dangle Earrings

Rhodolite Garnet Briolette Dangle Earrings

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Effortless elegance. These bright plummy red pear-shaped Rhodolite Garnet pack a punch of colour. Shown in sterling silver each garnet has been carefully hand wrapped and attached to the twisted link. The ear wires come complete with earring stoppers to hold them securely on your earlobe. 

Rhodolite Garnet - 3mm x 4mm briolette (pear-shaped) facetted
Ear wire and twisted link - sterling silver
Total Earring length - 1-1/2" 

Care information

Gracie Jewellery is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. The jewellery is intended to last a lifetime with proper care. 

To prevent scratching and damage to the gemstones, store each item of jewellery separately when not wearing. Do not sleep, bathe or swim while wearing your jewellery. Lotions, hairspray and perfumes should be applied prior to putting on your jewellery. Do not dip your jewellery in any type of cleaner. A soft cloth should be used to gently wipe the metal or stones.

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