The Jewellery

We make dainty handcrafted jewellery filled with meaning. 
We're all about creating special connections through the magic of high-quality precious metals and gemstones. Imagine wearing keepsake jewellery that's not just stylish but also holds a special place close to your heart. That's what we're all about – making beautiful moments last forever.
More than just jewellery - its a little piece of joy you carry with you.
We hope you love our special pieces of jewellery as much as we love making them!



Jewellery Terms & Meanings


14 KARAT GOLD FILLED: gold filled is a thick layer of gold bonded on both sides of a brass core.  Gold filled jewellery is legally required to be 5% or 1/20 gold by weight.  Gold filled can be considered a long-term metal. Due to its cost and durability, Gold filled is the next best option to solid gold.


STERLING SILVER: is Silver which is 92.5% purity. The remaining 7.5% can be any one of several other metals or a combination of metals. It's most often copper, but the composition can vary. Sterling silver can also be known as 925 Silver.
GEMSTONE BEADS: all gemstone beads used are purchased through reputable gem dealers in Canada and India.  All are graded AA or AAA. Variation in colour, size and natural inclusions are to be expected and are part of the beauty of natural stones.
HAND STAMPING:  the process of hitting a metal letter/design stamp with a hammer so that it leaves an impression of the design or letter on the sterling silver or gold filled. We create our jewellery by hand, no stamping or engraving machine is involved, so there will always be variation in alignment and spacing.   The beauty of this process is that each piece of Gracie Jewellery is as unique as its wearer.
BAROQUE PEARLS: are an irregular, non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinched and lumpy shapes.
RONDELLE: refers to the shape of the bead. A rondelle bead is disc or doughnut shaped and wider than the height of the bead.
CHATOYANCE: is an optical phenomenon in which a band of reflected light, known as a 'cat's-eye,' moves just beneath the surface.