Gracie Jewellery


My name is Nancy and I am Gracie Jewellery. I was born with a passion for jewellery. Oh my gosh, that is an understatement.

I am obsessed with jewellery!

I knew at an early age jewellery would figure prominently in my life. I was fascinated with my grandmother's eclectic collection of earrings. I took a special liking to a pair that were fruit plates complete with flies! Obviously, my taste in jewellery hadn't fully developed yet. For many years I worked in a fine jewellery store, where I spent as much time as possible trying on every piece of jewellery in stock. And more importantly, learning different jewellery techniques from the resident goldsmith.

I began making my own jewellery several years ago when I fell in love with a bracelet that was absolutely gorgeous but way over my budget. I decided I would make one. I sourced the gemstone beads and sterling silver wire, purchased a set of tools and set up my own bench.

This was my destiny! 

Then I discovered hand stamping. Oh my!

While I will always love making beaded jewellery, I am addicted to hand stamping silver to make keepsake jewellery you personalize and keep close to your heart.
Or give as a special gift.

Now I spend everyday living my dream. All Gracie Jewellery is handcrafted by me in my home studio.  

I would love to make a special piece of Gracie Jewellery just for you.  After all, this isn't just jewellery; it's a little piece of joy you can wear every day.